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The Crisis Center is a community-based, volunteer-supported organization that provides shelter and support to victims of family violence, child abuse and sexual assault in Matagorda and Wharton Counties

What We Do

We Change Lives

The Mission of The Crisis Center is to create an environment where violence and abuse are not tolerated in the communities we serve by providing crisis intervention services to victims of family violence, sexual assault and child abuse, including providing awareness and prevention services to the community.

Advocacy Center

CAC is a cooperative effort with law enforcement, Child Protective Services (CPS), and prosecution to assist children, along with their families, who are primary victims of child abuse or neglect. This program seeks to help the child victim through forensic interviews, advocacy & therapy.

Community Outreach

The Crisis Center offers a wide array of community outreach programs to provide education in the areas of child abuse, family violence, sexual assault, bullying, healthy relationships, and many more. We believe the first step to combating violence is to educate the community.

Family Violence Center

The Crisis Center offers many residential and non-residential programs for survivors of family violence. This program assists clients with gaining their independence from their abuser.

Sexual Assault Programs

The Sexual Assault Program assists with overcoming the trauma associated with sexual assault. The program consists of services for both residential and non-residential clients, including forensic medical exams.

Our Achievements

We Make an Impact

We are proud to have helped our community in a big way.
Take a look at our 2022 statistics:


Received prevention education through our outreach efforts


New Clients


Children received forensic interviews


Nights of shelter provided


1-800-451-9235 • 24 hour Hotline

For Assistance with Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, or Child Abuse

Being a voice for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse until they regain their voices, is why I volunteer at the Crisis Center. We make change happen. I am proud to be on the Board of Directors at the Center.

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Patti McKelvy Board Member

My family was a victim of domestic violence. When I say my family it’s because while a mother may endure the violence it touches everyone in the home. I consider myself a survivor of childhood domestic violence and my goal is; that I can help bring hope and healing to others that have lived through the trauma of domestic violence as children and as adults. The Crisis Center and the Child Advocacy Center help give that sense of hope and healing and that is why I partner with them.

Billie Jean Bram 1 - The Crisis Center
Billie Jean Bram Chief Juvenile Probation Officer

The Crisis Center is an essential service and single source for Women and Children in Crisis and in need of all types of personal and family support. As a Board member I am proud of the work that we do to help so many families in a time of great distress. I am also encouraged by the Center's proactive work to outreach and educate our community to disrupt the cycle of violence against women and children.

Aldo Capristo. Vice President. STP. Executive Vice President e1629904750405 - The Crisis Center
Aldo Capristo Board Member

My experience with the CAC has been excellent. The staff is always welcoming and inviting to CPS staff as well the families. They are thorough and have acquired different trainings so that the family and children feel the most comfortable possible while visiting the CAC. They also go out of their way to make sure the families are receiving the proper resources such as counseling in order to fortify their family bond and prevent future trauma. They also use community resources to connect the families with any additional help they may be needing.

yessenia 002 e1629904719346 - The Crisis Center
Yessenia Gonzalez Investigator DFPS

Working with the staff at The Crisis Center is truly an honor. Kelli and Brittany are both focused on positively impacting survivors of violence and the impact the have made on the Wharton and Matagorda communities is a direct result of their leadership.

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Dr. Khara Breeden CEO and founder of TXFNE


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