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Shelter–Safe House

The Crisis Center maintains a twenty-four(24) hour, emergency shelter for clients who require a safe place to stay while making plans for the future. While residing in the shelter, food, hygiene products and other basic essentials are provided to you. Clothing, if needed, can be obtained through our Crisis Center Resale Store. If you have children, the Shelter Supervisor/Children’s Advocate will assist you with programs for your children including educational arrangements.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline

For people in crisis who are seeking help with family violence and sexual assault crisis information. Available twenty-four (24) hours a day.

This service is available toll free by calling 1-800-451-9235.

Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC)

CAC is a cooperative effort with law enforcement, Child Protective Services (CPS), and prosecution to assist children, along with their families, who are primary victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. This program seeks to help the child victim through interview, advocacy & therapy.

Sexual Assault Program

Assistance to victims of sexual assault. Assault does not have to be just the physical act, but can be at all levels, including sexual harassment & inappropriate touching.

Domestic Violence Program

The Crisis Center offers a variety of services and assistance to victims of physical, emotional & financial abuse. A victim of domestic violence should seek help to find all the services offered. Services do change somewhat each year due to funding availability.

Community Education Programs

We reach out to the community, providing speakers and workshops about our services, as well as domestic violence prevention for both adults and children.

We provide programs for children that include raising awareness of bullying and abusive behavior. Our focus towards children & youth is to stop the continuation of relational violence for the next generation. The program works to help children develop coping skills to deal with peer pressure and to develop character.

Support Groups

Support Groups are available for domestic violence and/or sexual assault. A weekly support group is held for residential adults and children. If you are a non-residential clients you can request the current schedule and location from your advocate.


A master level mental health service provider is available for counseling in Bay City on Monday and Thursday and in Wharton on Tuesday and Wednesday.


We provide trained people to serve as nonjudgmental friends (Advocates) and to help victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence identify their options. Advocates help victims access services to begin a life free of violence.

Resources and Referrals

An Advocate can provide information and written referrals to assist you in accessing other social services in the area.


The Crisis Center provides personal accompaniment services to accompany you to:

  • law enforcement departments
  • court hearings
  • district/county attorney’s office
  • the hospital

Legal Advocacy

The Crisis Center provides legal advocates who can assist with a broad range of legal needs such as the following:

  • applying for a protective order and/or magistrate’s order
  • providing referrals for civil representation
  • helping you understand your legal rights
  • making sure your legal needs are being met
  • applying for Crime Victim’s Compensation

Protective Orders

We work closely with the County Attorney’s Office and law enforcement to obtain Protective Orders for clients who need them.


24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 1-800-451-9235

Bay City Area Crisis Line: 979-245-9299

Wharton Area Crisis Line: 979-531-1300