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Know How to Be Safe


Q. What are the most important Personal Safety Tips?

  1. Always be aware of your surroundings. If you see anything that makes you feel uneasy or suspicious, go to the nearest place where there are people.
  2. Avoid isolated places if you are alone.
  3. Always lock your doors.
  4. When on a date, learn about your date’s attitudes.
  5. Make your limits clear before you get into a sexual relationship.
  6. If possible, avoid alcohol & other drugs.
  7. Don’t leave your drink alone & don’t accept drinks that have already been opened.

Q. What are the most important First Date Safety Tips?

  1. Agree to meet only in very public places.
  2. Provide your own transportation for the first few dates.
  3. Double date for the first couple of dates.
  4. Carry your cell phone.
  5. Be the last to leave the date location to ensure you aren’t followed home.
  6. And most of all, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, alert a waiter, bartender, or other person at your location.

Victims of Sexual Assault can be adults or children, male or female. It can happen to anyone.


24-hour Crisis Hotline: 1-800-451-9235

Matagorda County
3010 6th Street   P.O. Box 1820   Bay City,   TX 77414
Local Crisis Line: 979-245-9299

Wharton County
116 E. Burleson Street, Wharton, TX 77488
Local Crisis Line: 979-531-1300