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Healthy Relationship 1To create an environment where family violence, sexual assault and child abuse are not tolerated in the communities we serve by providing crisis intervention services to family violence, sexual assault, and child abuse victims including providing awareness and prevention services in the community.

Healthy Relationship Program

The Healthy Relationship Program is designed to teach our youth specific tools they can use to build healthy relationships.

One of the most important aspects of the training is character development.

Character development is more than developing good behavior, but rather identifying and cultivating a set of skills that provide the framework to build and execute ethical behavior.

With this program, youth overcome relationship challenges with determination, patience and forgiveness.


What is Character?

Character is the end result of habits, choices, behaviors and attitudes that individual’s make. It includes an individual’s desire to do one’s best and concern for others’ well being.

The skills they learn will help them maintain healthy relationships by developing their interpersonal and emotional abilities.

How to Build Character

Daily life is a great place to build character, however we must be careful about letting our character develop by chance. That places far too much control in the hands of our environment and the people around us.

The goal is to help individuals take responsibility for their personal growth. To take what is being taught in a positive healthy way and apply it in their everyday lives. Utilizing these tools will not only help in their home life, but in their communities as well. Building on their character will only help our youth realize the importance of healthy relationships.

“Knowing the good, Desiring the good, and Doing the good.”


Talking it out. The importance of getting your point across in a healthy way.


Realizing healthy boundaries and respect­ing one’s personal space.


Doing what is expected of you by those who might be responsible for you.


Being able to identify feelings that underlie anger and being able to constructively talk them out.


Ability to make good choices and admit when we are wrong.


Ability to express negative feelings in a positive way. Asserting yourself!


Support one’s goal in life. Focus on the positive. Building a network for success.


Listen in a non-judgmental way.
Value opinions.

Character Qualities

Assertiveness          Punctuality
Truthfulness             Diligence
Gratefulness            Loyalty
Generosity                Hospitality
Orderliness              Sensitivity
Forgiveness              Enthusiasm
Sincerity                    Flexibility
Responsibility         Self-Control
Tolerance                  Patience
Resourcefulness      Initiative

LINK to pdf of Power and Control Wheel (see attachment)

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