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Yello Dyno 1What is the Yello Dyno program?

The Yello Dyno is a children’s safety education program for children ages 4 -12 years old. Through the use of DVD’s and curriculum, the program teaches children with songs and puppets how to protect themselves from abductors, violent kids, drug pushers, abusers, sexual predators and internet predators.


The program is based on a child’s right to be safe and is delivered with memory-enhanced music and specially created videos. Curricula is available for educators, parents, churches and other community groups to present.

Eighty percent of the students tested demonstrated an increase in knowledge after one cycle of the curriculum. The program also meets federal and state mandates.

The Yello Dyno Method is scientifically based on the research of Nobel prize recipient Roger Sperry. The Yello Dyno program ensures your children automatically recall right action and act on it in a crisis. When a child’s life is at stake, this is what works.

“To ensure a brighter and safer future, teach your children to recognize deceptive behavior of tricky people who mean them harm,”’ said founder Jan Wagner.