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What is Bullying?

Bullying is when a stronger, more powerful person hurts a smaller or weaker person on purpose again and again. Bullying can be physical or emotional. Physical bullying is when a person hurts by hitting, tripping, pinching or shoving. Emotional bullying is when someone calls you names, sends mean emails, including someone from your own group, or spreads rumors.

Bullying 1Why Stop Bullying?

Bullying keeps student from learning in school, may lead to increased absenteeism and dropouts. Students also feel less safe when there are high levels of bullying in schools.

We need to stop bullying also because people who bully tend to grow up to be abusers in dating and marital relationships.

Bullying Warning Signs

Victims of bullying may:

  • Refuse to go to school
  • Have panic attacks
  • Lose sleep or
  • Sleep a lot more than is normal
  • Show a lack of interest in school
  • When they do go to school they may take unusual routes to get there
  • Have missing or torn clothing
  • Have physical injuries not consistent with their explanation of how they got them

Become an Upstander

One of the ways to stop bullying is to become an Upstander. Instead of being a bystander and watching, stand up with the victim against the bully. Most of the time bullying will stop when another person helps and then tells an adult.